The Center for Research Use in Education is “Rethinking Research for Schools” (R4S)

Our mission

is to expand the study of research use and produce a more holistic picture of what drives it, from the production of knowledge by researchers to the application of research in schools. We also seek to identify strategies that can make research more meaningful to classroom practice.  

Why Research Use?

At our center, we believe that education research is an important part of the educational process. We further believe that rigorous evidence, whether qualitative or quantitative, can foster better opportunities and outcomes for children by empowering educators, families, and communities with additional knowledge to inform better decision-making. For this reason, we seek to support strong ties between research and practice.   


Research for Practice: A Virtual Workshop Series

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This FREE professional development series builds knowledge and skills for using research by focusing on practical and useful strategies in your choice of 1-hour workshops and asynchronous activities, a course site full of tools and resources, and an opportunity to learn from and connect with other educators interested in research-informed practice.

The series is designed for principals, assistant principals, teachers, instructional coaches, curriculum directors, district research leaders, assistant superintendents, and professional development coaches.

The webinar series will kickoff in early February and wraps up in early March.  The sessions will be from 7:00-8:00 p.m. Eastern.  The series will feature the following sessions:

  • What is Research and Why Should I Be Using It?  February 8, with Dr. Elizabeth Farley-Ripple, Dr. Samantha Shewchuk, & Debbie Micklos
  • Evaluating Research: A Cost-Utility Framework?  February 10, with Dr. Fiona Hollands
  • Using Research-Informed Theories of Change in PLCs  February 16, with Dr. Chris Brown and Jane Flood
  • Finding and Accessing Useful Research  February 22, with Erin Pollard, Noreen O’Neill, Laura Mikowychok, Medha Tare, & Jessica Jackson
  • What is an RPP and How Do I Get One?  February 28, with Dan Gallagher
  • Using the Marshall Memo in Teams  March 2, with Kim Marshall
  • Taking Action as an Evidence-Informed Educator  March 10, with Dr. Elizabeth Farley-Ripple, Dr. Samantha Shewchuk, & Debbie Micklos

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