Recruiting Districts and Charter Schools is underway

The Center for Research Use at the University of Delaware is conducting this nationwide survey, the Survey of Evidence Use in Education, with 300 schools, both public schools and charter schools. The purpose of the study is to learn more about how decision-making and problem-solving happens in schools and the role that research plays in that process.

What is involved in taking the survey of evidence in Education?

Teachers and school and district administrators will be asked to describe:

  • how problems are solved and decisions are made in schools and school districts
  • how research plays a role in how problems are resolved and decisions are made

How will people take the survey? Each individual in a school and a sample of district administrators will be sent an email describing the survey which also includes a link to an online survey.

How long will it take to do the survey? From experience, it is taking people as much as 25 minutes to take the survey. Many are able to complete the survey in less time.

What’s in it for those who participate?

  • Schools which participate may receive up to $1000 for having staff complete the survey.
  • Each school and district will receive a report on how participants from each school and district responded to the survey.

Meet the staff of this project:

O'TooleDr. Jim O’Toole is contacting districts and schools about participating, through phone calls and emails.

Debbie Micklos will answer questions about the survey and the project, as well as making arrangements for schools to receive their payments.

BlackmanDr. Horatio Blackman is making sure that the surveying goes as we expect, leading the analysis of the responses, and preparing reports.

WangRui Wang will arrange for people to receive their surveys as well as prepare the reports given to schools. He will also be involved in the analysis of the responses as well as preparing reports.

TilleyKati Tilley will be analyzing the responses and preparing reports. GrajedaDr. Sara Grajeda will also be analyzing the responses and preparing reports.

Dr. Henry May

Co-Principal Investigator


Dr. Elizabeth Farley-Ripple

Co-Principal Investigator